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Let’s get back to basics by shifting from “problem” to “possible”.
Discover your happy, and train your brain to boldly embrace the person
you are proud to be.

If you’re an artist or not, we can agree that passion, resourcefulness, and resiliency are key ingredients for #giglife and traditional careers. Above all, shouldn’t our careers AND lifestyles be fun?

Feel like some of that goodness is missing?

I help talented individuals and creatives level up their craft, make career jumps,
find side hustles, and joyously crush their goals.

Let’s leverage your skills, talents, and interests to clearly define the vision of your goals and career, and find the trail head of your unique path together.

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Still wondering - Why coaching?

Well, let me answer your question with a few of my own...

  • Frustrated with where you currently are, and know something’s got to give?
  • Feel stuck in your own thoughts?
  • Have a big passion project that just can’t launch?
  • Not sure how to position yourself as a working artist?
  • Do you see no forward progress happening toward your goals?
  • Not sure what the first steps to your goals are?
  • Ready for the next level in your artistic career, and can't seem to get there?
  • Want to get out of the cubicle, break the box, and ditch your current career (or the traditional career path)?

If you thought, “Oh snap…that’s me”
 coaching might work for you!

Let's dig in - Current offerings


Résumé and Career Objective Coaching

Ready to make a career jump, level-up, or break the box and enter the world of #giglife? Let's establish your priorities, non-negotiables, and what you are looking for in your joyful career. We will work to make your skills and super powers known within yourself, your résumé, and some practice interviews/pitches. I'm not here to fit you into a mold - I'm here to align you with opportunities that excite you for the future.


Individual Coaching

The time is now - let's work together to help you level up. Let's ditch "the shoulds", the negative talk, and whatever else might be standing in the way of your goals, artistic pursuits, and generally living the life you know you want. This is the no-nonsense zone where we learn about you, your values, establish a clear vision (be it personal, creative, professional, etc.), and get to work to make big change happen.


What does a session look like?

it seriously feels magical!

Imagine having space once a week where you can ditch all of your obligations, and just talk about your dreams - the big, amazing, dreams that terrify and excite you with how much you want them. Imagine exploring them in a context where we name them, and develop powerful strategies and actions to make them possible.  Together we are creating a map, and the destination is the life you are excited to wake up to, and proud to share with others.

your life - your RULES

This is your chance to schedule that time for you, and prioritize a space for your thoughts, plans, dreams, etc. While it is nice to sound off with friends, often times the advice we get can be distracting, and sometimes just plain wrong for the particular dilemma. Instead, I'm going to help you look to the horizon, and uncover a new direction that is 100% tailored to you because, comes out of your own brain! Self-designed solutions are more likely to help you get to where you want to go.

But, really - it works

If you're a hard numbers guy/gal - according to a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 executives, “Coaching resulted in an ROI (Return on Investment) of almost six times the program cost, as well as a 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction, and a 48% improvement in quality [of work].” Similarly, a study of Fortune 500 telecom companies by MatrixGlobal found “executive coaching resulted in a 529% ROI.” In other words, if you put in the work, you're going to get a lot back.

Your Personal "Acountabilibuddy"

It is easy to get things done for others - your boss, your bae or spouse, your roommate, your family. We constantly put ourselves last in line. And, even when we get there and have that moment, how are we using that time? How do we keep ourselves accountable? Things start getting done in our personal lives when we have a partner in progress to keep you accountable to your goals, participate in experiments, and think through ideas.

Help you + Your Brain become BFFs

My coaching style has its roots in basic principals of neuroscience. Why is this good news? Knowing how the brain works actually empowers you to notice old habits, your learning patterns, and what you usually do to solve a problem. Also, it allows you to call your brain out when it begins messing with you! Imagine being able to transform your fight-or-flight response into energy for a productivity-and-play response? Pretty neat stuff...


making the moves easier

Making a career move can be super scary and difficult. Having a partner in this can make it more manageable. Whether it is to a different industry, or ditching the traditional career path, having clear insight into your priorities for your next job or gig is key. What are your skills and super powers that you want to capitalize in your next experience? Let's set you up for your next joyful opportunity - not fit you to a mold. Career and Résumé Coaching empowers you to celebrate yourself, and find the opportunities that excite you. Our work also naturally prepares you for the interview process!


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Looking forward to working with you, and taking on your big ideas by storm!

Check out what the clients are saying...



Working with Jessica has changed my life. Before starting coaching with her, I was living my life by someone else’s values. I’m not sure whose, exactly, maybe society’s or my parents’, but in any case, I wasn’t happy living by those and always felt a little bit like a failure because I just couldn’t hack it – I couldn’t land a stable 9-5 job, and I felt guilty for not wanting to.

Working with Jessica helped me identify the things that really matter to me – things like adventure and freedom, helping other people and expressing myself. Now that I have a list of what I believe and what’s important to me literally hanging on my wall, it’s a lot easier to see when an opportunity aligns with those values or doesn’t. And I learned not to feel guilty for having those values, but instead, to see them as an integral part of who I am and as a source of power for me.

Now, I’m a lot less afraid of living by my own values. As it turns out, I’m a lot better at finding and creating my own opportunities then getting a stable 9-5 job – and I’m a lot happier, too. Thanks to Jessica, I feel confident in making decisions that are meaningful to me, finding work that fits with my values, and owning my own ability to act on behalf of myself in my own life.


Lizzie S., actor+writer (see her full interview here)


When life got me down, Jessica stopped by and stayed a while.

Be it work, relationship, career goals, etc., any little problem would quickly manifest itself into a major problem. I didn’t think it would ever be possible to let go and trust the mind of someone else. My mind knew all and there was nothing you could have said to change it. Or so I thought.

Jessica has helped me find clarity in situations and reassures me when I begin to doubt the possibilities. She asks questions, puts them in perspective and lets me explore them at my own pace without pressure to accomplish everything at once. Her insight offers me the opportunity to turn my ideas into actions. She challenges me to journey into the “what ifs” of life and she has helped me feel safe exploring my own mind. For the first time, I put that inner, self-sabotaging voice across from me and told it how I really felt. Now I refuse to let fear have the last word.

Christiana J., early childhood educator+vocalist


Jessica is comforting, motivational, and wise. She managed to bring me up in a bit of a down spot, and you can tell she wants you to succeed by just the tone of her voice. It seemed like she knew exactly what to say. Jessica really avoids all the fluff, and gets straight to the heart of the problem. She helped me improve my confidence and ability to find a job I genuinely enjoy! It is clear that Jessica really wants to help people get to where they need to be. If you are thinking about hiring her, you're doing yourself a good service.

Sam A., music teacher