Individual Coaching

Welcome to the first step to blazing the trail. Individual "brain-based" coaching helps artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs get specific with goals, clear with your values/non-negotiables, create innovative strategies, and provides a TON of accountability. We are not here to wallow or take it slow, friend. I'm here to help you find what gets you excited, capitalize on your talents and passions, and push you outside of your comfort zone. I'm also your project manager - we will come up with the road map to your goal, and I'll be checking in with you along the way. 


So - how does this work?

A typical coaching engagement lasts 3-6 months. But, never fear - I firmly believe coaching should be on your schedule, and something that adds a positive to your schedule. Off weeks, shorter engagements (or longer) are all fine by me.

 What I will say is this - big change takes time and effort. You get out of this what you put into it. This is why I recommend weekly coaching for the first three months, as repetition is the mother of all habit changing. Want to know what this discovery period looks like? Check out the details below!

session 2

The big goal

1-hour session - Your income-based rate

Session 1

massive value Alignment

2-hour workshop - $150 flat rate

After our intro call, this will be our next step. Values are the compass which rules our decision making process. Values also represent our core selves across the different sectors of our lives - work, family, friendship/social relationships, intimate relationships, and home environment. The Massive Value Alignment Workshop helps us discover the ten values that are critical to you at this moment in time - and illustrates how strong or weak they are in certain areas of your life. Using these insights, we will create a jumpstart plan for the next few weeks to get you on the road to completing your goal.

This is where we get real. What you want to do is probably awesome - but, I want to know how you want to feel.  How you feel is how you think, and how you think is how you act. This spans across all those areas from our value alignment session (work, family, friendship/social relationships, intimate relationships, and home environment). This is where we begin shifting from "problem" to "possible". At the end of the session, you'll have time to compose your goal statement. This will be the working title for the upcoming journey we are about to create over the next few sessions.

Session 4

Strategy to action

1-hour session - Your income-based rate

Remember those chapters? Now we have to add some prose - what's a story with no action, right?! This session will cover creating impactful actions to achieving your goal, and this is where we learn how to execute our strategies. We'll also discuss a very useful technique that will help keep you accountable as you keep working toward your goal. Feel like you can't trust the tool? We will also use a worksheet to establish some real tangible accountability - and you better believe it: if you set a deadline with me, I am definitely holding you to it!

Session 3

Strategic Planning

1-hour session - Your income-based rate

In this session, we will check in with the goal statement to see how sticky it has been for the past week. If yes, we move on to the strategic planning process. Let's compare this to a novel - if the goal statement is the title and cover, then strategies are the chapters. Let's give a table of contents to reaching your goal - what are the logical steps for this story? Also, how does the main character (you!) need to show up in this situation? This is where coaching becomes so valueable - shifting your thought process, and priming yourself for to feel differently can be daunting. I'm here to cheer you on, and keep you accountable with this epic list of strategies.

Session 5

Ongoing Coaching

1-hour sessions - weekly or bi-weekly - Your income-based rate

By this point, we have found the trail head of the work we are doing. During ongoing coaching, you set the rules! I'll ask you what you want to work on today, and what the agenda is. Once that is established, I'll ask you some questions, and see what the heart of the matter is, and we'll move into an appropriate direction. 

Ongoing coaching lasts as long as you want! While the engagement usually lasts 3-6 months, most people tend to continue on even if their initial goals have been met. Having accountability, and a space to be productive, vulnerable, and creative can really keep you energized, and a lot of clients really treasure that energizing space after a while. But, the choice is yours to make - I'm flexible!

Think you're ready? Let's get in touch.

Schedule your FREE hour introduction call - we'll discuss what you're looking for in coaching, why choose coaching now, learn more about each other, and maybe even start engaging in that amazing, productive, and energetic space. 

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