Information About Mersin


Mersin is a large city and a port on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. The city lies on the western part of Çukurova, a geographical, economic and cultural region. You will reach Mersin after a 1.5-hour shuttle ride and arrive Yenisehir, a residential area and one of the wealthier neighborhoods ofMersin. Along the coastline of this area is a park which measures at 3.7 miles long and is now a favorite spot in the city for many locals. Yenişehir is a cosmopolitan and modern area where you can find the Forum, a 65,000 square meter shopping center, home to more than 100 shops, Mersin and Toros Universities and Mersin’s largest mosque, the Muğdat Mosque. You can find high end restaurants and bars at the Marina. The city center is a maze of narrow streets and arcades of little shops and cafés. The old quarter, near the fish market, is where you will find the stalls selling tantuni (a spicy beef or lamb shawarma) and grilled liver sandwiches, two staples of Mersin cuisine.


The local cuisine in Mersin is particularly famous and restaurants specializing in the Mersin cuisine can be found all over Turkey. But where better than the place itself to experience the local food? Mersin specials include the Ciğer Kebap, a lamb liver kebab, Tantuni, a spicy beef or lamb stir fry and Mumbar, lamb intestines filled with a mixture of rice, meat and pistachios. Famous desserts include Cezerye, a turkish delight made of sweet carrots covered in pistachios or coconut, Kunefe, a cheese and pastry dish which is wood oven baked and topped with syrup and crumbled pistachios, Karsambaç, a peeled ice or even snow filled cone topped with pekmez, a grape molasses, or honey. Kerebiç is a shortbread filled with a pistachio paste, popular as an afternoon snack, while Şalgam Suyu is a popular beverage made of fermented red carrots!

Here is Ilhan’s best spots to eat these foods:


Göçtü Restaurant for Turkish Kebab


Goksel Tantuni
Denizhan 2 Tantuni
(beef or lamb shawarma)