We are honored you will be joining us (from all over the world!) on our special day.

Traditional wedding registries are made to help a couple begin their new life together in their home. We are fortunate that we already have the comforts of home, and all we need. However, we are still in the immigration process, and that continues to drain us of application fees, legal fees, and logistical headaches.

So far, the cost of our immigration process is about $4,000. 

By offering contributions toward these expenses, you are insuring a smooth transition to our immigration process, contributing to our future, and helping make our dreams come true.

To make a contribution, we have created a HoneyFund for your convenience (for credit card/PayPal). You are also welcome to mail a check to our home address. Please contact us at ilhanandjessica@gmail.com should you need our mailing address. Checks can be made out to "Jessica Trainor" or "Ilhan Tasucu".

We also understand that some people prefer (and enjoy!) getting gifts for the couple. We have listed a few items on Amazon and Crate&Barrel that would really make our day, but are secondary to our mission to finalize Ilhan's immigration.

No matter how you contribute, we are completely grateful to you, and cannot wait to see you on the big day!