résumé and career objective coaching

Feeling stuck and trapped at your job? Career path not on the trajectory you want it? Want a plan for your non-traditional career path?

Résumé and Career Objective Coaching still uses the same "brain-based" approach as Individual Coaching, but the specific focus shifts to career objective, immediate priorities, and applying branding to ourselves. Why that last part, you ask? Personality and presentation set a candidate apart - when your intended meaning and voice are unified (and truly yours), that's when opportunities start appearing that make more sense to invest in or pursue.

If you want to push yourself to the next level, cut the cubicle, or get on track to your dream job - let's work toward building your unique future, and stop boxing you into a mold!

So - how does this work?

Résumé and Career Objective Coaching engagements range from 3-6 months - or until the client feels they have reached their career goals. 

I recommend weekly coaching for the first three months - that way we have the plan set and straight. After that, we may just need maintenance and coaching through transitions. 

session 2

Massive Value Alignment 

2-hour workshop - $150 flat rate

Session 1

first round interview

1-hour session - Your income-based rate

Welcome to the first step to your amazing journey! This first session we will discuss your immediate priorities for your next career move, and what you're after. This will also be the first measurement of our progress together. We will review your résumé, chat about how it looks, and more importantly what it says about you. Next, we'll get our practice interview on by primarily using STAR questioning. This will help determine areas for growth in the verbal interview process, and you get a first practice interview and résumé coaching right off the bat!

Candidates often get interview brain, and forget to bring themselves to the table when we meet with the hiring manager. We become so focused on landing the job or the gig, we don't showcase the wonderful people we are. This is a direct result of a fear response. When our brains go into survival mode, we become solely focused on security, safety, and blending in (or in this case - fitting a mold for that hiring manager!). The Massive Value Alignment is where we unify our voice, and discover and celebrate what really guides us in our decision making process, and our lives!

Session 4

strategic planning

1-hour session - Your income-based rate

This is where we get down to business! This session is where a lot of the fun begins. Together, we will craft specific strategies to help you reach your big goal. We will also talk about the logical progression of the plan for the goal and your career path, and how you need to show up as a player in this. Shifting your thought process, and priming yourself to feel differently can be a daunting task. I'm here to cheer you on, and keep you accountable with this epic list of strategies.

Session 3

The Big goal

1-hour session - Your income-based rate

If you want to break it down - Results = (Feelings + Thoughts + Actions).  How you feel is how you think, and how you think is how you act. Change is facilitated by interrupting any negatives in this equation.  This is where we begin shifting from "problem" to "possible". At the end of the session, you'll have time to compose your goal statement. This will be the working title for the upcoming journey we are about to create over the next few sessions.

Session 5

Ongoing Coaching (includes ongoing interviews, if applicable)

1-hour sessions - weekly or bi-weekly - Your income-based rate

By this point, we are well on our way! Session 5 will cover powerful actions to bolster those strategies. Beyond that - this is where you set the rules! I'll ask you for your agenda, and see what has been going on in your job search, career transition, or creative pursuit. After a brief conversation, we will get to the heart of the matter, and move into a direction that feels right for you.

For those pursuing careers through the interview process, this is where we will crack down on your interview skills. When opportunities start arising, we will use our time together to see how the prospective job or career path aligns with your values, goal, and strategies. After that, we will move into a mock interview so you can show up as your best self when the time comes!

Think you're ready? Let's get in touch.

Schedule your FREE hour introduction call - we'll discuss what you're looking for in coaching, why choose coaching now, learn more about each other, and maybe even start engaging in that amazing, productive, and energetic space. 

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