Jessica is now accepting private students...

Jessica currently accepting students for her studio in Somerville, MA.

Please use the contact form to schedule a trial lesson (using the subject line - "Teaching"). 


Traditional Voice Lessons

Traditional lessons are typically in two distinct sections - the first half focusing on technical exercises, the second on repertoire the student has prepared. Our work primarily focuses on breathing, vowels, and relaxation and trusting your own unique instrument. Lessons are goal oriented toward any student needs (auditions, recital, performance, etc.), and focus on technical growth. Repertoire is learner centered - I want to work on what you're interested in, and will occasionally make suggestions or offerings. This is ideal for middle and high schoolers who have an advanced interest in performing or auditioning for college, college aged students still pursuing music, or adults looking to become better technically and maintain amateur careers.

Fee: $65 per hour; $50 per forty-five (45) minutes


Traditional Voice lesson reviews


"I have been working with Jessica since the beginning of November [2017]. I had little to no training vocally, and came from a teacher who would always cancel on me. It was right before auditions for a musical, and Jessica made time for me in her busy schedule a day before the audition to see me. I went into the lesson a mess, not knowing how to sing the [audition] song. Jessica welcomed me right from the start and pushed me to be my best! I remember how amazed I was at the amount of improvement from just one lesson. I continued taking lessons with her and she really helped me gain a strong middle voice, and hit notes I never thought I could before. I have gained much more confidence in my singing, and I always feel comfortable during lessons with her.  I am now attending Walnut Hill School for the Arts as a Freshman, and I could have never gotten in without the guidance and training from Jessica. I strongly recommend taking lessons with her. She will help you achieve your goals and believe in you like nobody else!"

Skylar S., student at Music Academy of Chelmsford, matriculating to Walnut Hill School for the Arts


"Jessica makes my lessons fun and enjoyable, and I always look forward to it. She is one of my only teachers I can place my trust in, and not be afraid to let my voice out, or make mistakes. With her, my voice is continuing to make progress."

Victoria S., student at Music Academy of Chelmsford


"My daughter has been taking voice lessons with Jessica for around 6 months. Jess' energy, excitement, and incredible talent shine through as she teaches. Jess has taught her many great warm-up exercises and how to strengthen her voice. My daughter's quality, tone, and her range have increased dramatically. But the best part is her increased trust in her voice and confidence in her ability. She leaves every lesson filled with joy and enthusiasm, returning home to continue to practice the skills she worked on with Jessica during the lesson. It has been going so well, we have increased from 1/2 hour lessons to hour lessons so that they have more time for warming up and digging into the vocal nuances in the songs. There has been a huge improvement in my daughter's voice!"

Julie L., parent of student (Music Academy of Chelmsford)


"Anna is almost 10 years old and has been working with Jessica for two years now. She has enjoyed each and every lesson with her. She bounces into the studio and they both emerge smiling, ready to share what new thing they tried, what old thing they practiced, and what different technique they plan to incorporate next time. 

Anna has struggled all her life with hearing difficulties, speech delays and challenges to pronunciation. Jessica was able to share her own adversities with Anna, and use her experiences to inform her teaching. I have noticed considerable change in Anna's abilities, but more importantly in her confidence, and in her hopes that she too can accomplish much in her singing and acting aspirations, just as her beloved Miss Jessica has done."

Karen D., parent of student (Music Academy of Chelmsford)

Finding your voice - 1 hour

These lessons still cover technique and repertoire, but with a distinct focus on coaching confidence. Finding Your Voice ties traditional voice lessons with coaching as a means to help you show up more centered and joyful in your performing, work, and relationships. Learning about posture, breathing, body language, and how we want to be as a performer has influence that extends well beyond the studio and practice room. Lessons also focus on text work and speaking, as a means to help with interpersonal and public speaking engagements. These lessons are ideal for novice/recreational musicians, non-musician professionals looking to improve their speech skills, and those looking for art as a means of self expression.

Fee: $65


- Lesson payments are due monthly at the first lesson of each month, unless otherwise arranged.

- 24 hours notice of cancellation is required in order to be granted a make-up lesson, or to receive a credit for one future lesson. If 24 hours notice is not given, you will lose the lesson. Exceptions made only for sickness and emergencies, two times per academic year.

- If you are tardy to a lesson you will not be kept late under any circumstances.

- Students will be given assignments at each lesson. It is the student's responsibility to find and secure their music. If the student cannot locate their assignment, it is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher so their work can be completed.

- Each student is expected to be prepared at each lesson with the work they were assigned the previous week. At least 45 minutes of practice three times per week is required.